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Don't get me wrong. Social Media can be a fun place. How else will I see posts like this and laugh as if I don't have a worry in the world?

Or grow my tiny vocabulary?

But then social media is full of people who I disagree with. I stopped reading the comments section on News reports because that was just breaking my heart. I mean, the extent of heartlessness and just the absence of humanity in the comments section of a news report on Facebook perfectly personifies the zeitgeist.

Then there are some other things too. Humans are humans, you can't blame them for what they are and what they do with their freedom of speech. But more often than not I find people who are so full of themselves, it sickens me to my stomach. I mean, I do laugh it off and make a joke in my about it go back to my life, but those brief periods when I read that post and that negative emotion of "Who does this person thinks she/he really is?", really add up.
If every time I open my social media I see something like that(which I often do), I am wasting a lot of time being someone who I am not, or atleast not supposed to be.

Everyone has their own way of thinking and I don't want to be judgemental, but there are 2 types of people on Social Media: 1. Who talk a big game 2. Who run a big game.

And the ones who run a big game don't post about it and vice-versa.

Those who run a big game without posting about it, inspire me. Those who have achieved something which can be deemed a big enough achievement for the world and then post about it, that's what inspires me. Not measly posts about small achievements which in the frame of reference of the world,  they hold no importance but somehow people think they're displaying their drive(which trust me is a load of crap.)

And some of these posts trigger feelings of frendschämen in me. I'm not a Schadenfreude kind of a guy, I enjoy other's success and infact I really love the fact when people push the bar higher.

Long story short, a person who I love to death and respect with all my heart, suggested me to reduce the clutter of Social Media in my life. I am on Social Media, mainly to check cycling, running and triathlon results(swimming sometimes) and as I inadvertently scroll through my feed, almost subconsciously as a result of YEARS of Social Media abuse, I come across something which I don't want to see and I get disgusted and throw my phone away, only to pick it up few minutes later.

My posts on Social Media(atleast in my mind), aim to bring to light achievements in the world of athletics that people haven't been able to keep up with(or didn't have the time to see them because they were watching a bunch of grown men running behind a ball). Or I like to talk about dark feelings and overcoming them because I am the perennial casualty, the flag bearer of the Murphy's Law club, and things have gone wrong so many times for me that I hope my stories can help someone who's going through a tough phase in life and help them through it. Or I like to share pictures that I clicked, because I believe people need to see the view from my balcony.(HAHA)

My mentor suggested to do 1 blog post a week instead of daily social media posts. And I believe that's a great idea: Not only does it save the world from my thoughts on a daily basis, it frees up a lot of time in my life to catch up with my reading and watching YouTube videos of Steeplechasers(which is my new favourite thing!)

It also protects me from activists on social media. The fitness activists who go for a bike ride once and post 100 pictures to show that they're absolutely legendary.
And more importantly, the political activists, the ones with views about how bad a politician is without having any idea about their policies, their background and their achievements. Social Media has been reduced to a playground, where someone just takes off their clothes(not literally, clothes here refer to decency and sensibility) and run around until they're tired. Obviously, they get the attention from everyone, even if they're not making any sense at all.

So, starting today, I'll write 1 blog post a week, which might contain my ramblings on a topic I have been thinking a lot about. And for those who actually like my suggestions, I'll try to include a YouTube video, maybe a product or a book or a podcast or a quote that I liked.

So for this week:

YouTube Video of the Week! 

Like I said, I have begun to enjoy Steeplechase videos. Did you know these guys run 3000 meters, with hurdles and water jumps and still run around 8 minutes? That's 2:38/km for 3000 meters including hurdles! Just insane!

One of my favourites is this guy: Evan Jager, the American record holder and one of the few people in this sport who is on top and not a Kenyan! He ran 8:00.45(that's 8 minutes) for 3000 meters steeplechase in 2015, he was leading and on his way to go Sub 8 but ended up falling on the last hurdle, which is just heartbreaking. But I love the guy's drive and I love his hairstyle (I'm growing my hair long and this is what I want to do with them, sorry Mom):

Podcast of the week definitely has to Desiree Linden on Rich Roll's podcast. It was such a positive podcast and just goes to show the mindset of the Boston Marathon winner and how incredibly humble and understated she really is:

Book of the month: 

I know it is a really hard(and expensive) to go through 52 books in 52 weeks. So I thought i'll put a book a month(maybe 2) as a reading suggestion.

So this month's recommendation from my end is "Today We Die a Little: The Rise and Fall of Emil Zátopek, Olympic Legend" by Richard Askwith. It is a brilliantly written book on the life of the only man ever to win an Olympic Gold in the 5k, 10k and the marathon in the same Olympic Games(Helsinki 1952), Emil Zatopek, who in the 50s was running a 13:57 5k, 28:54.2 10k and ran his debut marathon in 2:23:04. It's beautifully written and is an awe-inspiring tale and I really recommend this book.

And finally, Photo(s) of the week: 

I like this one, mainly because Instagram and Facebook ruin photo quality and make a mess of Panoramic photos.

These are some old panoramas from the shores of Pangong Lake in 2014, it was just surreal then and I still remember those days with a huge smile on my face.

And I guess, that's that for this week. Will catch you guys next week!

Thanks for reading!


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