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Why I Should Be Allowed To Run the Barkley Marathons

Note: The author has no intentions of running the Barkley Marathons this year. It was written as a writing exercise.
Also keeping in tradition with the Barkley, the author doesn't disclose anything specific about the event. The Barkley essay is a well-known phenomenon.


Dear Laz,

In over 30 years of Barkley applications, in terms of sheer lack of achievements in the field of athletics, my application would stand-out. There was Ted Keizer in 2003, who had no ultramarathoning experience, but he was one of the best outdoor adventurers "out there" and that showed as he knocked off the 100-mile finish that year.
Compare and contrast to all other applicants you have, I have a very small athletic CV: I have done 4 Ultramarathons, out of which 1 was a part of a triathlon, I have been running for almost 6 years(and yet my legs aren't that tired) and a major chunk of that period was consumed by a c…

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