You know the days when you wake up and realise today is an easy day?

Those are the days when you boot up your typing machine and write. And today I decided to experiment (not that type, a writing experiment). I will just start writing impromptu and see if my though process can make a coherent noise.

First things first, I need to address something about my last blog: I am not a Sports Nutritionist. I am an athlete who really doesn't know that much about food, so if in case you want to ask about nutrition ask someone who actually knows about nutrition. Many people misunderstood the tone of my blog. I should tag my blogs : #NotAboutKnowledge #JustClearingDoubts #VegetariansTooGetProtein

And while typing this I thought of something. Hurray!

In recent times, I have quit music on the run, I don't carry my phone, I don't listen to music.

And it really has given me a lot of time to "reflect".

I might sound like a hippie for saying this, but these days I do the same route over and over again but I try to do it better. I try to focus on the externalities rather than my inner thought process. It might not look like it, but I tend to think A LOT. A LOT more than people do and it really drives me crazy. If someone has picked up a battle with me on the internet, I spend almost the entire day trembling in anger, coming up with statements which would stab the person while ending with a smiley face. And I take it on the run.

But on one run, I thought why do I really care? I mean, if someone misunderstood what my statement was for, why should I go and justify? Is proving myself right so important that I drop everything else and shout out my actual thought process?

If someone misunderstood me, it is their problem and not mine, right? The problem with me is I make everything MY problem. How can someone else's stupidity and stubbornness be my problem?
And why am I thinking about this on my run when I quit music to actually listen to my body?

And then through actual mindfulness I realised where I am. I am in Switzerland. Along the banks of Lake Geneva. The same Lake Geneva about which Deep Purple wrote the song "Smoke on the Water". There are beautiful mountains infront of me. And the weather is pleasant. And there are a variety of birds singing their songs. And my shoes look so awesome. (no no no, that's internal)

When I looked at that and immersed myself into the sounds of birds singing and the waves crashing into the rocks and the leaves rustling, in this postcard perfect country, my argument with that jerk who was trying to tell me what I wrote my blog about (he must be fun at parties) seemed trivial.

How many people (apart from the 7 million Swiss and many others who come here) get to experience this?
And why do I bother myself with what others tell me about myself?

I know who I am and I know what I do. I have no problem standing infront of a mirror and looking at the reflection staring at me. There are parts of me which I dislike and I try to improve myself on those points and there are ones which I like. And I know who I am and what I do and someone telling me otherwise isn't going to change it.

So, when I am doing my runs on the same route, aerobically these days(man it is hard, but it works), I try to do it better. Mindfully. Thinking of things around me, which are bigger than me. Not trivial fights which won't matter in some time anyways.

Doing it in this way makes me feel better, more relaxed. I know what my body is telling me to do and I actually enjoy my run a lot more.

Do give it a shot.

(And my impromptu rant is over!)


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