पहाड़ों की Race (Mukteshwar Half Marathon)

Given the fact that every single "popular" hill station has now being infiltrated and ruined by tourists, I believe the real sense of solace which we seek in the mountains, can be found in Mukteshwar.

Located 7500 feet above the sea level, this small hill top town has a brilliant view of the Himalayas and is completely untouched by meddling inconsiderate tourists.
If looks could kill..

I love running here, away from commercial traffic and noise. And so a race which happens in this neck of the woods is as tempting to me as Honey to a Bear. :P

Of all the races I have done in my 4 year career, this race stands out clearly in my memory.
A number of reasons attest to that :
1. It is from my part of the Hills. So even though I was born and brought up in Delhi, It is my "Home" Race.
2. The elite field goes off at the same time as you, and you get to run faster than them(if you have the legs, atleast for 1k or so. The winner finishes in 1:15 in a race which has 1700+ feet of elevation gain, so yeah you're huffing behind them by the 2nd kilometer)
3. The race profile looks like this :

So yes, other than that doggoned 20k 13% climb during the bike leg at Mallorca, this is the toughest race I have done.

Amit will tell you during orientation, don't go too fast. But who cares what Amit says?
You'll go fast, really fast. Amongst the tall peaks you gait will stand its ground.

And at 2k (and again at 20k), the gorgeous aroma of the Pine trees will take you back in time, it will remind of simpler times.

You'll tread merrily down the mountain, smile on your face till the mountain says "Ok buddy, I'm sick of your smugness. This is what you get for not listening to Amit." and then the same road which was the playground for your smile will turn into a shredder for your legs.

Lactic acid will lick its lips in anticipation, and joyously pour out like cloudburst. Your lungs will sing at a pitch higher than most Opera singers. And well, you? You'll discover who you really are.

Like Matthew Inman said "Running isn't about building strength and wearing it like a Fashion statement. It is about finding strength and measuring yourself everyday."

Me finding strength on those hallowed slopes

Here on these slopes, as you climb up against gravity, against your screaming legs and your revolting lungs, you find strength. You find who you really are. It is not until you truly immerse yourself in effort that you realise who you really are.

This race will help you find yourself and define your reality. It will brutalise you, chew you up and when you finish, you will know how strong you really are.

And isn't that the whole point of why we run?

So go out there, find your real self on the hills of Mukteshwar here.


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