You are never alone

You are never alone
Not when the night seems too dark
Or when you can just focus on your scars
Even when time seems to just stretch you thin
And happiness seems a long forgone sin

You are never alone
Even when the world seems to crumble
and the only noise in your head are incoherent rumbles
Yes the road is unlit and tough
And you are bound to fall at times in the trough

You are never alone
I too was in the situation you are in now
Shattered to bits like a glass hit by a plow
I didn't give up, I looked around
I found strength, hope and gained some ground
I lost my self belief but never lost my courage
I opened up to people, some talked and others discouraged
Don't listen to the deterrents, don't be ruffled by the mean
Stand up for yourself and for the things you believe

You will find absolution, you will find success
You will reach a higher level, something your mind could never access
I know you're having a bad time right now, but trust me it will get over
And you'll look back at it and be glad that it came over

And when you are at the pinnacle and smiling sprightly
The past will be a fading shadow under the Sun shining brightly
You will find the true meaning of Happiness and value it more
And you will know forever, You are never alone


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