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My Weekly Blog #11 (and my 100th Blog!)

This is my 100th blog on platform, so first of all I want to start by thanking everyone who has read my stuff: regularly or just decided to disagree with me and given up reading my blog, or reading altogether. I am a big believer in feedback, and I always welcome suggestions and ideas. I want to move away from this blogger platform and when I have more time on my hands, I will begin work on making a website where I can post and make a tiny bit of money from it, which I can put to good use.I am very competitive person, who believes in always being in motion towards the right direction. I do not like to lose, which often results in my recovery runs having spikes of 5:30 min/mile pace as a consequence of someone trying to overtake me. And infact, when Shalane Flanagan mentioned in her 60 minutes interview that her only goal wasn't to be her best self, but make others suffer in the process, I felt like she was my soul sister. Because of my nature, I might have(well, i&#

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